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This is the real data and all the previous actions can be found on our discord and telegram.

What is

THE grit method?

The Grit Method Is a low-risk way to build and grow your crypto portfolio just in Bitcoin and Stablecoins while still highly outperforming any traditional strategies in the long run.


It is a partially algorithmic tool utilizing different trading indicators, on-chain data, and partially manually adjusted to news and events that are happening every day.


The Grit Method is designed to be used on the spot market in a way to take advantage of volatility in the market and to dominate in market conditions like double top formation as we had in the previous bull run or during any larger pullbacks.

How Do You Use It?

You custody your OWN assets so you don’t have a risk of someone stealing your funds or hacking them because you connected with 3rd party software API’s or anything similar.


You execute the trades on your end based on the numbers I give you. 


You just enter your initial Portfolio size once you join and for each trade, you just enter the data that is given to you and the tool will automatically calculate how much BTC, you should buy or sell (easy to understand after the initial call).


Yes If:

  • You are focused on long-term portfolio growth
  • You struggled to find a good strategy on how to grow your portfolio
  • You grow your portfolio but afterwards, you experience large losses during a bear market
  • You don’t want to expose a large percentage of your funds to centralized exchanges, various DeFi protocols, or 3rd party APIs
  • You are busy, and you want to minimize the time spent, while still expecting to maximize returns

Not If:

  • You are looking for get-rich-quick schemes
  • You are looking for a high-risk high reward strategies
  • You have a portfolio of less than 10,000$ (watch my videos on how to grow it Crypto Grit)
  • You are mainly focused on finding small caps, signal groups, flipping NFTs, or launchpads
  • Safety of your assets is not your priority, and you are not thinking about capital preservation

We have a call, set clear expectations, and setup your portfolio to grow.

You dedicate 1 hour per week to follow The Grit Method and watch your portfolio outperform traditional strategies.

Stress is a thing of the past because you took a low-risk way to consistently grow your portfolio

What Do You Get?

The Grit Method Spreadsheet

Mini Tutorial on How to Use The Grit Method

Access to Private Discord Group

Access to Private Telegram Channel

Weekly Group Calls 

Private AMAs

24/7 Support for All Your Questions

Access to Multiple Tools and Indicators that I Built that Can Supergrow Your Crypto Journey!


You have at least $10,000 to invest or already invested in crypto markets!

You have at least 1 hour weekly to execute The Grit Method!

You have a long-term perspective on your investing journey!







After you click on “Join Now”, you will fill out the form to schedule the call with me (it’s necessary that our visions and expectations are aligned). If the answer is yes, you proceed with the payment and unlock access to the private Discord and/or Telegram server, where you gonna be able to find all the things included that will supergrow your crypto journey!


You can read the About Me section, and also have in mind that this is real data, not some imaginary numbers, so the results might slightly deviate but this deviation should be under 1% monthly.

The goal of Crypto Grit method is to grow your portfolio in the longer run. With portfolio under $10,000 it might take a while until you make the expected returns, still you will learn a lot along the way.

Simply click on Join Now, fill out the form, and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

Sorry but no, once you get the access, it’s up to you to use the information that is provided in the group.

Currently, it’s $100, if you want to pay annually it’s $1,000.

No, there won’t be any discounts, but if you subscribe under the current rate, if the price goes up, your monthly rate will remain the same.

Community will be on a premium discord server, while if you are only interested in getting notifications regarding The Grit Method, you can get them through Telegram as well.

I personally reply to all the questions within 24 hours.

Firstly, I will share all my work and findings within the group first. Second I hope to build a small devoted community where we gonna share information about different projects and strategies that would ultimately lead to even higher returns.

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