Zeljko Nemet

Research Analyst

I joined the blockchain industry back in 2016 when I started mining Ethereum from my apartment. Since I live in a third-world country I thought of it as a good way to earn passive income and that’s when my passion for blockchain started. I continued to research the industry myself and since I worked on UpWork already, I realized there are more and more jobs in the blockchain/crypto niche.

I worked on a few smaller research projects until one client asked me to join Gigzi, a precious metal-backed currency that was also developing an eye biometric wallet. Since I was a newcomer to the industry and we had a small team I was responsible for various things from doing competitive analysis, building financial forecasts, arranging pitch decks to building a bounty campaign, and managing relationships with customers. The bounty campaign that I created and managed got into the top 100 bounties ever created (by viewers) on the Bitcointalk forum from over 15,000 bounties.

During that time I also started trading, researching smaller projects, and investing more aggressively. In 2020, I found a way to leverage high volatility and created an algorithm that brings me constant 3-6% returns monthly and I got to six figures due to that.

In the meantime, I worked on many different projects in the blockchain space. One of the projects that I am most proud of is the yearly Blockchain Employment Report for Blockchain Academy. Other projects that were interesting to me were building a full performance portfolio dashboard, researching UX/UI and different features for one institutional exchange, analyzing different IDO and NFT platforms, Layer 2s, building pitch decks, backtesting data for various algorithms, etc…

Along the way I made many mistakes from bad trading strategies, being overleveraged, and having almost no risk management, to not cashing out profits during the bull run, and losing almost my entire portfolio because I held the majority of my assets on centralized exchanges at the end of 2022.

So I almost had to start from 0. I learned from these mistakes and developed the strategies that drive consistent profits over the long term, and my goal is to educate you so you don’t need to go through the frustrations and mistakes that I experienced. This is the reason why I decided to start the Crypto Grit YouTube Channel.

Also, I realized that the ultimate way to win in the financial markets is to focus on the long-term and compounding your returns while minimizing losses. This is how I came up with The Grit Method. I look into macroeconomic factors, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and on-chain data to come up with good trading and investing ideas without shilling random coins or trading signals that will give you 10x per month.

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